A long time coming

A long time ago, chapters were posted on my blog every week. They have all since been pulled down and the novel completed. It is much different than what was here. Now, Palladium is available as a finished novel.

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I do have to send a shout-out to Amazon customer support. Vella ended up being a bad idea for this book and I asked to have it withdrawn (there are things they don’t tell you about in their Terms of Service regarding withdrawal of your book from the program or at least they didn’t at that time — I suspect there might be changes coming soon). Fortunately, we were able to come to a special exception on the book so I could withdraw it. Whew! Thank you, Amazon!

The book is currently available on Amazon. I am not taking this book wide yet. It will get there, but not yet. So if you read on Scribd (which if you are wondering is a much better program than KU for readers) or Kobo Plus, it will be there later this year. I’ll put out another announcement when it does go wide. I’ll also run special pricing at that time for those of you who wish to own the ebook. (P.S. The paperback is still in review, but nearly there as of the time of this writing).

Palladium is a word which means safeguard. This is Cirvel’s story, answering a reader’s question about how Cirvel became a villain. I never thought of him so much as a villain, but more as a person who had a large goal and a long-term plan. I barely scratch the surface of answering the reader’s question here, but this is an integral part of his story so that when I get to telling Elliot’s story and there’s a bit of perspective outside of Cirvel’s head, the reader is going to have deeper understanding of the scope of what happened to Cirvel in the aftermath of Palladium. But without this tale, I don’t have that emotion platform to build on later. For the reader who understands that Cirvel considers himself as a safeguard for this planet, it puts Tangled Magic, Walk the Path, and the entire Sacred Knight series into a much broader perspective.

I feel very lucky that I got to tell this story.

Now, onto the next.