I have some decisions to make. I’m not sure this week is a good one to make them.

Yesterday after I posted my blog, I started feeling strange again, that same blah feeling I had after getting my booster. I got the chills and a headache. Today, I’ve been having them again periodically. Yeah, blah. And I’m making a business trip to Boise tomorrow.

So, my word count is all off for this week because of the booster and not feeling well. I’ve spend a good portion of today tinkering and trying to get prepared for the meeting tomorrow. And all that has done has made me ask questions of if I want to do some things I’m currently doing or not. Quite frankly, I’m thinking that my answer should probably be, “No, I don’t want to continue them.”

And that leads me down a deeper well. Scales: peace of mind or lost potential revenue.

Yeah, I think I made some poor decisions in the past all for the sake of a few potential benefits that I could never claim anyway. I think I need to wrangle myself back in. I know I’m being vague, but I’m probably just talking to myself on this one anyway — thinking through my fingers again.

But I have made my life way more complicated than it needs to be. It’s probably time to cut a few things out.

Or, it might be booster brain hurting too much to deal with all this contemplation right now.

But I do like keeping things simple. Might be time to go back to it.

With luck, my head won’t hurt tomorrow. Until then, cheers.