Back from Boise

I made the trip to Boise today to visit with my writer friend, Merri Halma, who I’m narrating the first book in her Indigo Travelers series. We had a preliminary visit to start getting her setup for putting her audiobook up and discussing the business of writing. I had fun. I hope she did too.

The problem I’m running into is that audiobook channels are not setup for people like me, since I narrate my own audiobooks and also can do other’s books. Anyway, I’m discouraged by the outlook right now, and at this point I’m not going to be narrating for other people. I’ve decided to cut that out of my game plan. I have enough of my own books to do. If Merri’s audiobook gets wildly successful, then I might change my mind.

We chatted for way longer than I thought we would. It cut part of the Boise plans out of the trip because I wanted to be on the road before sunset, but we did an important errand while I was there and Kevin and I had early dinner out, so that was good.

Now I’m home, all the pets are fed, and I feel like I’ve worked off the nervous energy of the return trip. Now, I really need to get some words done.

Plan for tomorrow: type my little fingers off so I can hit my word goal. I’m really rethinking setting it so high. I mean, it’s nearly three thousand more than my extreme goal for last year, which I didn’t always hit. What was I thinking? Plus, COVID booster and out-of-town trip this week meant I did have a two unusual occurrences in one week. But a target is a target. My clue is to stop whining at myself and get it done.

Focus time!