Release the hellhounds!

I made it. I got my words in and met the weekly goal for last week.

It was late when I finished (after midnight, but since I hadn’t gone to bed yet, it still counted as Sunday). I took Merlin outside after 1:00 a.m. and the sky was so bright with the full moon that I hardly needed my flashlight. It was cold, but very beautiful. As always, I got to thinking that Steigan’s world must look like that at night as the sky gets lit with the three moons. Mine was due to partial cloud cover and reflecting snow. Doesn’t snow much in the valley where Steigan is from.

That’s how tired my brain was last night when I finished — numb thoughts about my characters interacting with their worlds.

And after that mad flurry of writing words yesterday, I needed to get caught up on my outline. I’ve been working on that today as well as a few other things. Creatively though, at the moment, I’m tapped out. Or I’m at that point in a novel where I wish I knew where it was going and would start to make sense. This is the most thrilling part of the novel for some writers, but for me I always feel like I’m walking blind. I just have to know that if I keep walking, I will find the next step and suddenly I’ll be back in the sunlight again. I still wish that every novel didn’t have to have this leap of faith moment to it.

I did also get some done on the 5th story in Fenrir’s Tales. I’ll probably be finishing this one up tomorrow. If nothing else, these stories are really helping with trusting the process and that leap of faith moment. I start these with a random idea. This story now was started as a line of dialogue that I changed into one of Fenrir’s thoughts. School Days was something I thought would be fun to explore. And some of the stories have been started with 2 or 3 random objects. I have no set idea, nor do get a flash of the beginning of a story like I normally do. These are literally something from nothing. Jump in and go. So I’m blind throughout the whole writing.

For the moment, these are just fun for me to write. I have to put myself in such a different mindset. So, I’m hoping that by doing so many of these this year (I’m hoping to get 52 of them done – 1 for each week) that I will really get comfortable with just letting the creative voice run with a story and not letting the critical voice panic because I don’t know where a story is going. Fenrir really is the perfect character to do this with. Release the hellhounds!

I do hope to get back in the booth soon to record the 6th, 7th, and 8th Loki novellas. I’m looking forward to doing that. It looks like that will be happening soon. And, when I finish this third novel in the trilogy, I’m going to be working on the 9th Loki while I’m getting up to speed on the next novel I’m going to write. I have about five novels which have been started, but came to a stop because I lost track of where I was at in them. I knew I needed to cycle back through the manuscripts, outlining and layering in as I go. I just didn’t have time then to do that. So now I get to pick one and make it be the next project on the list. I don’t have a favorite at this moment, so it might be the one that is nearest to completion by my estimate. I usually get a good feel for how long something is going to be as I’m writing.

I’m waiting for the Fenrir’s Tale that gets away from me. I thought it was going to be the story, Called on Account of Rain, but suddenly that wrapped up nicely and didn’t go off on a tangent I was afraid it might.

Well, I’m off to go finish outlining and see if I can find the ending to the trilogy, or at least plant the seeds. I do hope to finish it up in the next few days.

Until next time, enjoy running with the hounds!