Bookkeeping and covers

Temmy tried to get me up early this morning. I should have listened to her.

But no, I knew what was waiting for me and I didn’t really want to get to it. As a result, it was a strange day today.

I partially blame Mercedes Lackey too. I started reading her book, Joust, last night and couldn’t put it down. I thought about it all night long and wanted to get back to it. When Temmy work me up, I should’ve just rolled over and started reading then, but no, I tried to sleep knowing that I hadn’t gotten much sleep in.

When I finally did get up and get the pets all set for the day, I sat down to my task: getting December bookkeeping done so I could turn in my sales tax report for 2021. Most of it is in QuickBooks and it should be an easy task, but it never feels like it. I did get it done though and it is now in the mail, a day before it’s due. Woo hoo! Still, it ate up most of my day and I couldn’t do it online as I’d been hoping, so it took even more time since I didn’t get my coupon in the mail (It’s probably in the mailbox right now – I checked last weekend, but I was told that they got mailed late).

Then I sat down to do the covers for the trilogy. The front covers are done and they look very cool together. Someday soon I’ll do a big announcement for them. It’ll be so much fun!

After writing my blog last night, I decided it was just critical voice holding me back. So I just jumped in and tried something a little different. It went very well, I’m happy to report. The story got a little deeper.

Anyway, I’m anxious to go get to work on it since I’ve been otherwise engaged with other tasks today. And it’s not even Wednesday. But, I’m hoping that now that I’ve cleared the decks so I can work on it tomorrow, which will be Wednesday and my business brain is active, but tired. I hope it winds down.

So that’s my plan for tomorrow. I still want to have the manuscripts written, though I’m sure I won’t finish my last cycle through, this week.

Until next time, happy adventuring.