Redesigned cover

I’m sure this has to do with reworking Sword and Shield yesterday, because today I got the notion to change the cover for Palladium.

Yes, I know. It’s been up for barely a week and I’m already making changes.

But the cover always bugged me. I couldn’t find anything better that I liked. What specifically bugged me was the guy’s hand right up by his face. So I changed it today. I thought about a totally different design, but I decided to keep the same format, just change the model.

You know, if I could give one piece of advice to stock photographers, it would be to stop loping off the heads of their models. Stop it. Give them some head room. I find so many wonder full images, but I can’t use them because they’ve cut off the top of the head.

I’m hoping this image is more appealing.

© Marchgalina |
© Xneo |
© Gualtiero Boffi |

I am still waiting for it to refresh through to Amazon. It’s there and if you ordered it now, it would have these files (the Look Inside is correct for the Kindle version). I’m hoping it’ll update all the image files soon, but I realize it could take a day or so. I just hope it doesn’t take me an email to Amazon to get it fixed. I like it when technology works like it should. But this is weird.

And now I’m hoping that my creative voice is happy with me now so that I can finish the trilogy, or at least make strides in that direction. I’m just hoping that I haven’t taken a wrong turn on that third book and my creative voice is making me fix all the issues before it lets me move on . That’s the way it feels right now.

Joust continued to keep me up reading again last night. I was reading for two hours last night. That’s unheard of for me. Usually I read for about half an hour before I got to sleep. I went to be early and all of my sleep notifications kept going off until I suddenly realized that I’d been reading for two hours and really needed to stop. Now I’m tired and all I want to do is go read.

I may have to disappear for a while.

Until I venture out again, cheers!