A laughing Muse on the shoulder

It’s Wednesday, and I think that the obsession I’ve had with my painting recently has made my brain focus the business on it today.

I added even more paintings to my website and a couple more magnets. For half a moment, I thought I had all of my 4″x6″ paintings on my store. Then I remembered that I hadn’t brought in some paintings which I’d had down at the Art of the Gift show at the Magic Valley Arts Council. There were a few more there. I’ll get those up in the next couple of days.

And I really wanted to figure out how to get my website to filter in certain ways, but the way it is now, I can’t do what I want. Still took some time to try to do that.

Then I updated some numbers on a special painting spreadsheet I have just to bring it current as of last year.

At that point I tried to get to painting. I wish this had gone better. I set up a new canvas and tinkered with some ideas, but I erased every single one. I went through my current sketchbook to see if any of the ideas there inspired me. Yeah, I know; the Muse doesn’t come when inspiration is called, only when time is scheduled. Except she just sat on my shoulder and laughed today.

I think I’ll try sketching later and I will call that my art for today. It counts too.

It might not be so bad if I wasn’t also thinking that I was avoiding my book as well. Somehow, I must develop a rhythm so that I’m not ending paintings at the same time I’m ending books. Something needs to keep flowing. I know that any moment, I’ll get through this difficult spot (which I probably did to myself in making the books important by working on the covers) and the book will finish.

Which means I need to go work on some words now.

Until next time, many your adventures be fun.