I’m not sure it’s progress

The concentration on my painting this week has put my words a bit behind. Once again, I find myself up against getting my weekly goal done. If I focus, I can get caught up, but I’ve got a lot to do.

I spent some time reading another book on painting this morning, then I got to painting. As I progressed on it, I really started hating it. Of course, I thought the same thing yesterday after I painting, but then this morning, I decided it really wasn’t that bad. Right now, I find it hard believe that my opinion will change tomorrow morning, but who knows? At this point, I’m thinking I will sand down the canvas a bit and try again. Unless, tomorrow I think that it’s not so bad after all.

I definitely think my critical voice is out of control regarding my painting. It’s going to take some effort to root and clear it out.

I continued working on the third book in the trilogy and got it straightened around. Now I’m back to the ending. It’s coming along well. I think there might still be a scene I need to delete, but I’m waiting to see how the scene I’m currently working on plays out. I’m wondering if the earlier scene is necessary for the ending. I’m waiting to let my creative voice determine if the scene is necessary, even if it needs a little tweaking.

I’m off to get back to it.