Today is progress

It’s probably the only day this week that I can actually put into the win column.

I finished drafting the third book in the trilogy. I am currently taking out that scene I mentioned last night. It had no bearing on the story by the time I wrote to the end. I feel like it was a completely contained loop where the characters didn’t learn anything important to the story, but I still have to read through it and check. Then, there is some mending to put the story back in order, but I think it’ll be fine. I do also still need to loop back through and tweak a few things now that I can see the story as a whole.

I also had to catch up (…if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you can say it with me…) the outline for the book. That way, when I go back through it, I’ll be able to find scenes faster for when my creative voice goes, “…and don’t forget about…”

I do, however, think the only reason that I pushed through to the story end today was because I needed to get words done. Before I started blogging tonight, I still had to get just under a 1,000 words done tonight. My blog will lower that some more. I figure I’ll have around 500 words or so to finish up before I call it a night, but that’ll get my weekly words done. Of course, the outline notes don’t count or I’d be finished already.

And tomorrow I start on the next Loki book. It’s been percolating in my brain without too much conscious thought on it for about a month now, so I hope it’s ready.

Meanwhile, I’ll also be bringing myself up to speed on a novel that is partly finished. Plus, I still have Sword and Shield to edit, plus the trilogy. I’m trying very hard not to get ahead of myself. My personality tells me to charge! I’m definitely a FIre, Ready, Aim kind of person and it’s not always good. Trying hard to retrain myself, at least so I can get to a Aim, Fire, Ready state. (grin)

I suspect some changes I’ve had going on here in the household the last couple weeks will now start to settle and I can get back to developing a steady routine. Yeah, we had some Life Rolls going on (nothing major), but definitely changes. Just new routines I had to get used to. Because I’d already been working toward steady progress, I personally didn’t have much adapting. Not saying that more changes won’t come about, but I don’t think they will because the cats like to be fed by 7:30-8:00 a.m. every morning and I like getting out in the garden before it gets too hot during the summertime. I need my mornings, even though I don’t always like them. Notice that I’m already jumping ahead to summer. I feel the days stretching and I am READY for the thaw.

Well, I’m going to go finish removing that scene and doing the repairs so that tomorrow I can start putting this trilogy behind me and start driving toward the next project.

Oh, and also cover reveals for this trilogy. How exciting will that be? I know I’m excited. (Aim, Dawn, aim! Aim before Fire!)

Until next time, happy adventuring!