Worked on Patreon posts this morning. Then I finished getting the third book in the trilogy threaded back together and the outline updated. It’s good to have that done.

I also got Sword and Shield all spell-checked today. Discovered two things off the bat: 1) I need to work on the start of the book a little more — in splitting it off from the 5th book like I did, I didn’t reground the reader. Glad I caught that. 2) I made a really bad error in the 5th book — I completely changed the spelling of a word, one I cobbled, so it’s not terrible, but it certainly wasn’t what I expected. Whoops. If I wasn’t mentioning it here, no one would ever know.

So, today is the day I’m saying that I officially finished the third book in the trilogy. I’m hoping to have it out by the first part of March. I’d like to set a release date of February 15th for the 6th Sacred Knight book. We’ll see what happens because I still have work to do on them, while I’m working on the next Loki novella and sometimes he takes over. And that’s my unofficial plan.

Now it’s time to go rest a bit.

Until next time, cheers!