Chipping ice and chasing Temmy

The picture above is icicles hanging off my house. I have a metal roof, which typically snow slides right off of. However, I have a flat section to my roof and the snow just kind of sticks there until it melts. It’s a little hard to see in the picture, but the snow had actually slid out about 6″-8″ beyond the metal roof. It just hasn’t fallen. Because it’s in the sun (when the sun is out) in the morning, it’s been melting and making these long, thick, clear icicles.

They are kind of cool, but boy, is it going to make a clatter when they fall and shatter. It’ll probably set Merlin off for an hour. (grin)

I would love for it to heat up and thaw this out. I’m very done with the snow.

It was a shopping day, so Kevin and I headed out early-ish this morning. It was when we got back that I saw the icicles. I’ve also been wanting to get the other car out of the snow. Since it was sunny, I took the shovels and started out to break up ice.

After that, I was tired and sore. I much rather prefer gardening, even though I’m often sore after pulling weeds too. But at least I can see that I got something accomplished. There’s still a ton of ice out there. I did however, get the car out and back in (the latter was the hard part!). I think if I had to, I could get the car out again.

Anyway, I was too tired to do anything this afternoon after that except for read. I wanted to find a few more artists to follow on WordPress, so I went out and did some searching. I found one person who struggles with nearly the same thing I do. I found myself wanting to give her advice, but I stopped myself. Yes, I probably could have given her some guidance, as I said before — killing critical voice is pretty much the same techniques across the art forms. However, as I sat there trying to formulate a response, I had critical voice yammering at me that I haven’t been able to kill it in my painting, so it would be very hypocritical of me to give advice to someone else. If my advice was “that good,” I’d be taking it myself.


I did manage to get some more of the next Fenrir’s Tales story done before dinner, but even now, holding my hands up to blog is hurting through my arms. Definite sign that I need to exercise more.

Temmy’s been a pill this week climbing all over everything. I finally broke down and bought a cat tree for her (and the other cats, I guess. Coville will enjoy it too). Also bought a bulk pack of jangle balls. Most spoiled cat ever. She’s excited. She’d bolting from one end of the house to the other right now. At least I temporarily have blocked her from boing over the half wall into the kitchen, but it’s only a matter of time before she figures that out.

Time to go chase Temmy some more. And there’s my exercise. (grin)