Preparing files for publication

Worked on getting Sword and Shield (Sacred Knight #6) ready for publication today. The files are almost complete. It would be done if I didn’t have to worry about the character list and the map.

But, since I started those things in the books, then I need to carry through.

I still have to the map. At first, I thought it might be fairly simple. As I was writing it, I suddenly realized that they are in more than just Dubinshire and New Lilinar in this story. I had to stop and make a list. Well, at least now I can get that done tomorrow.

After that, I should be ready to get it up for pre-order. That’s exciting.

Also exciting, I got a box of 48 jangle balls for Temmy. You should have seen how wide her eyes got when I shook the box after it arrived today. Oh, she was so excited. Merlin was all curious (that’s him sniffing the box with Temmy in the picture above), until he told me that the kitty was very spoiled. Here’s him telling me:

Merlin says the kitty is too spoiled!

I also got her a toy that has three track layers which has two balls in each level. Both she and Coville played with this tonight while I ate dinner. Laughed so much just watching them. I might have to get another one just for Coville. While Temmy did play nicely, they didn’t much like to both play at the same time. Coville sat by watching quite a bit, but I can tell that he wanted to have it all to himself for a while.

They are both in a deep sleep right now.

Maybe now I’ll get some more work done instead of chasing Temmy off countertops and away from my plants all day.

Other than that, I finished a short Fenrir’s Tales story today, thanks to two now-lost jangle balls.

I also got inspired to try a new challenge project today. I’m hoping it’s not a case of “Fire, ready, aim.” I’m going to give it a couple days before I say more about it, in case this ends up being a bad idea spurred by my nature, or if I need a few more days to get things lined up. I had my son stop by the art store to see if he could find something that I need and he found something close, but not quite what I wanted. I might have to order off Amazon unless I change my mind about what I want to use. I might use what Kevin bought for me as a test run. But, if it works, it’ll be fun and move me forward with my painting. Hopefully it’ll be like hitting the accelerator and zooming me beyond a lot of mind weeds tangling around my tires.

I’m off to get more done while the cats sleep. Must use the quiet time while I have it.