Extrovert hat

Started my day by going out to a ribbon cutting ceremony for a business a friend is starting up. That was fun, visited with a few people, then drove back to the sanctuary of my home. Putting on the extrovert hat sure wears me out.

Somehow, I still managed to settle into my day. I got audio work done, painting, and writing. Letting myself take it a little slow this evening. Right now, I’ve very tired and ready to go to bed.

We got Temmy’s pet condo yesterday and Kevin spent the evening putting it together. The picture above is her on the third floor, exhausted. She’s pretty much in the same position right now. She’s been less of a wild child climbing on everything today. Not perfect, but I think that giving her this condo was the best thing for her. I have not spent most of my day chasing her and trying to keep her from climbing everything. I’ve still had to pull her down a couple of times, but it’s not nearly as bad. Also, her morning zoomies episode wasn’t nearly as bad as it normally is. Heck, it was down-right calm.

However, she did keep trying to climb over onto me while I was painting. I can deal with that if she’ll quit trying to get up where she’s not supposed to be all the time and breaking my focus. I remind myself that she will start calming down and will settle into being a good cat.

I had planned to get more done tonight, but it’s not going to happen. Not even going to lie to myself tonight. (grin)

Tomorrow is another day.

Until then, cheers!