Someone had to go and make Fenrir angry!

Last week when I went to post Fenrir’s Tales #7 – Rainy Day Rides on to Patreon, it flagged me with a pornography warning? What? Why?

I looked through the whole thing wondering if I’d had a bad typo that had been missed (like a rearrangement of the word pines) or maybe I’d had a cuss word in there or something. I couldn’t find anything. So I pushed the post through and decided I’d let the Patreon team get back to me regarding why it had been flagged.

I never heard anything.

Then I was outside walking Merlin one morning and reflecting on the fact that I hadn’t heard from the Patreon team and wondering what I could have said in the story that would give me such a warning. That’s when Merlin lifted his leg to relieve himself and I knew that the offending word for the story to get flagged was “pee.”

Okay. I got it. Yes, that was the word.

Laughing to myself, I went back into the house and started writing the next Fenrir story. Now, this is one I thought about writing back in Fenrir’s Tales #4 – Red Garnet Boots. I made a reference to Sniffbook (which is what I always tease Kreeli about being out checking, especially when I’m walking her down at the park). I’d had the idea then, and now I decided to do it. The trick was that I couldn’t use the “pee” in this story. I’d have to write around that.

Every time I did, I just laughed at myself. It was kind of a fun challenge actually.

I just posted the story to go up on Patreon for Thursday. On Amazon Vella, it’ll post on Saturday. Remember that on Amazon Vella, you can read the first three episodes for free, and you can read through your Kindle device or app.

 Picture © Alexey Savchuk |

Now someone’s gone and hacked Fenrir’s Sniffbook account. Oh, no! What’s a puppy to do? Find the offender and take them down. This means war!