Scaring critical voice

Spent most of the day helping a writer friend get her book(s) ready to go wide (meaning to more stores and outlets than just Amazon) and shopping. I did also get some audio work done.

I’m starting to chomp at the bit to get back to recording. I have 3 Loki novellas that I want to get to. Then I want to record Dragons of Wellsdeep. I have so many books and short stories to do at this point. And I want to get to recording a lot of them so that when the weather is too hot (or too smoky because I’m certain were going to have more fires this year), I can be editing the audio. Wish I could speed up the editing process too.

Yesterday, I attended a weight loss webinar. Can’t say I learned anything new or fabulously life-changing, but I did renew my determination to try this again. I just have to not get frustrated with the process like I did last time. And yes, quit snacking like I was. Sneaky little foxes, yes indeed.

At the end of the day, it is all coming down to mindset. Those dang mind weeds just get in and choke all the good plants. Mind weeds are that dang critical voice finding another sneaky way in.

And that tells me I need to focus more on my creativity because critical voice is having to be crafty about keeping me from it. I must be on the right track.