Little by little

I think my efforts to wake up the sun are beginning to work! (grin)

The temperature got up above freezing today — finally! — and started to melt some of the snow. Let me tell you how excited I was seeing water running down the street! My yard turned into a swamp, but I’ll take it.

I put Temmy on her harness and leash (yep, I’m that cat lady obviously) and walked outside with her and Merlin. I held her while Merlin walked, then I let her down for a moment to explore. She’s watched Merlin get harnessed up often to go outside and I’m sure Temmy has been wondering why some of the pets get to roam outside freely and Merlin doesn’t, but I’m hoping that she starts to understand that for her to go outside, she needs to be in her harness. It’s just too dangerous for her, with one eye, to be outside. But, I also know that if she’s seeing everyone else go outside, she’s going to get curious and get out. I’d rather not have that happen.

Today, I got writing, painting, and audio work done. I only had to go through the first terror barrier. But, I started up the ebay auctions again (as you saw in the picture above) in hopes that it inspires me to paint more and pushes me forward rather than stay on this level.

For all I got done today, it doesn’t seem like enough. But I know that is because I just did a little of everything. And it’s those little steps that will push me forward and get things done.

I hope I can do it again tomorrow.