Back to the recording booth

Started out the day well. Got some more listings up on ebay. Then I went to work on audio editing.

That’s when the house got quiet and I got the bug to get back to recording.

ebay auction going on – don’t let this painting get away

I want to make some adjustments to my setup before I start recording the next book. I kept telling myself that I needed to wait until I did the punch-ins for the book I’m working on now. But I didn’t want to setup to do the punch-ins right now. So, I measured the inside of my booth and the furniture and started to map out a new setup. Then I sat in my booth and tried to figure out what pieces I still need to position everything the way I need it. Right now, when I need to use the mouse, I either need to set it on my thigh (yeah, not the approved way to use a computer mouse) or reach across myself to use it (also not a good thing unless I want to overextend my shoulder). So I want to make the setup a little more ergonomic. It’s just such a small space, so it’s very tricky.

Worse, I felt so close to a break-through, but I couldn’t quite figure out what my brain was trying to tell me that it had pieced together. I started to draw pictures. Then I started taking things apart. Until I needed a pair of pliers and couldn’t find any. that put things to a quick stop.

Probably for the best since I still have punch-ins to record. Maybe I’ll go ahead and get the ones I know I need done tomorrow. I might have a few days though, because it will take me a couple days to get the pieces I need, if I can figure out exactly what I want to do.

As if I have a whole lot of options!!! (grin!)

At any rate, I do hope to start recording again next week. I’m ready.

Until next time, cheers.