Patreon, rearranging, and foodie cats

I spent the morning writing Patreon posts for this week. Posted a lot of work-in-process pictures and a couple completed ones. Also talked a lot about my newest Loki novella. That was a lot of fun to write. Now I’m current for another week.

Spent this afternoon working on my recording booth. It’s in shambles right now. I did decide to order a boom arm after realizing that the other idea I was working on wouldn’t work. I just needed my son’s help to give me a couple more hands and today was his day off. I’ll probably have to put everything back together again the way that it was so I can record punch-ins. I have a few days before the arm comes in, so I think it would be a good time to get punch-ins done. Hopefully I won’t have any more in the last few chapters I have to edit.

Heading into the Storm
9″x12″ acrylic on canvas panel

Then I painted for a bit. Does scraping paint back off count as painting? I hope so because I did some of that too.

Then I cooked a shepherd’s pie for dinner.

That got Temmy’s attention. She’s been a little pill all day. She was so good and slept most of the day yesterday. Today, she thinks she should be into everything. Especially food. I’ve never seen such a foodie cat. I feel as if I’ve gone from one extreme to the other.

Mystery was a cat who would only eat one kind of food, one specific brand and only one flavor. She would literally not eat if I tried to give her anything else. It was very hard when the store ran out of her flavor. Coville, who was a kitten at the time, loved to try new flavors. He welcomed the change. And this was before Amazon was the store it is today. I got to a point that I had cat food in that flavor stocked up in case the stores here ran out. And it happened more times than I like to think about. She went for a week one time without eating. Not because food wasn’t offered, but just because it wasn’t what she wanted.

Coville enjoys a bite of pork every now and then. If we have ham, he loves to get some of the fat and meat, and will eat as much as we give him. He’s not big on chicken, though he will have a small nibble, and he won’t take beef at all. As for cat food, he’ll eat most of the flavors. There’s a few, like chicken, he’ll eat a bit, but it’s easy for him to walk away from. Other flavors, he loves.

Bella, she prefers Alley Cat dry food. We’ve been switching her over to the brand that Temmy was on, which she accepts, but I think she’s missing her other food. I tried to get some at the store the other day to mix in with the newer food, but (guess, guess!) the store was out. So, she’s stuck with the new dry food for a bit. Other than that, she’ll eat a few bites of the wet food every day, but she much prefers the dry.

Temmy is willing and wanting to try everything. If she even thinks she might like it, she’s right there by my side trying to get it. I’d say she’s begging for it, but there’s no begging involved. She’ll get downright insistent about getting some. She loves her food. So, if I’ve made sure that cats are able to eat a certain type of food, I give her a little taste. No, she did not get any shepherd’s pie tonight — that had onions and garlic in it. She didn’t even get a carrot. I did another can of carrots, so I figured some night I’d just make up the can plain and she can share some with me then. She probably smelled the potatoes because I have shared a bit of mashed potatoes with her the last couple of nights. She also likes mini shredded wheat, as does Merlin.

Now she’s finally crashed. If I were smart, I’d go get some sleep too while she’s asleep. I swear, having a kitten in the house is almost as bad as having a toddler.

And with my Patreon posts covered for the week, tomorrow it is back to fiction words.

Until then, happy adventuring!