Fenrir Tales

Writing Fenrir’s Tales have been a good exercise for me. I’m glad I started them. While most of them are told from Fenrir’s point of view, I’ve done a couple in different voices.

So why do I think this has been so good for me?

Yesterday while I was working away on the 9th Loki novella, I realized that I’m feeling very open about them. I used to worry, and part of this was subconscious and it only became a conscious fear when I realized it, that I’d run out of things to be humorous about in the stories or that Loki’s voice would become droll.

I have spent most of the 9th novella laughing as I’m writing.

Island Getaway #2
10″x8″ acrylic on canvas panel
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I have to attribute that to the practice of writing humor as I’m doing in the Fenrir stories. It’s great practice and it’s paying off.

At least I think so.

In this week’s episode of Fenrir’s Tales, the balloons are up to something and children are in danger. Only Fenrir can save the day.

Fenrir’s Tales #8 – Balloon Danger will come out on Patreon on Thursday, March 17th, and on Amazon Vella on Saturday, March 19th. Plenty of other episodes for you to enjoy right now.

Picture © Alexey Savchuk | Dreamstime.com

I am looking for other platforms to release episodic fiction. Do you have another place other than Patreon or Amazon Vella where you like to read? Let me know in the comments.