Short night, busy day

Best laid plans…


I’d planned out what I was going to do over the next few days, but I suddenly had some eBay shipments to get out. And I had issues. My printer seems to be out of cyan ink and will not print even in black and white. It’s such an ink hog. I thought I’d found a good printer for a very reasonable price locally, but then it seems that they were out of stock. I saw the empty spot for it on the shelf. So, I decided to go to the library and print what I needed.

Then I was tinkering with some listings and build myself a spreadsheet to help calculate items before I list them, as well as to give me a way to enter information into QuickBooks quickly while keeping tabs of eBay’s figures. I do love building my spreadsheets.

Landscape 2021-2
3.5″ x 2.5″ acrylic on Bristol Board
See auction of eBay

Just don’t tell me that it is Friday, since my brain usually likes to think business on Wednesday.

I’m off today because my son woke me up in about an hour into my sleep last night because Kreeli was having another of her episodes. I can’t say that they are seizures, but they sure do a number on her. I had just been thinking that she hadn’t had one in awhile earlier in the day. I was obviously in deep when Kevin woke me up to go tend to Kreeli. I got her up and walking, got her to some water, and let her outside while Kevin cleaned up the mess she’d made. Poor thing, but she is going on 16 years old so she’s got some leeway. This episode didn’t leave her as weak as they normally do and I feel that she recovered faster than ever before, so that was good.

But after I came to full wakefulness, it was hard for me to settle back down to go to sleep. I read for a bit more.

Temmy was ready to wake me up at 6:00 a.m. as usual, but fortunately she let me get some sleep until about 7:30. Then all the pets were ready for me to get up, save for Kreeli, who is not a morning dog at all on a good day.

I’m hoping I can get to bed early tonight and not have an adventure tonight. (grin)

And back to the schedule tomorrow. I’ll be a day off, but it will all get done.

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