Finishing day

I finished putting on the final touches to the trilogy today. Still need to spellcheck through them, but I’m hoping to get that round done tomorrow. Then they will be formatted and be off to the first reader.

Our temperature here reached a whopping 46 degrees today. It’s not optimal conditions, but it’s not likely to be that warm again for a while, so I got paintings varnished. The picture leading this post is of all the paintings that were varnished. I felt like I had several drying racks.

Of course, I had to photograph or scan all the paintings first. Then I catalogued all of them while I was waiting for the varnish to dry enough for me to bring them into the house. I still have to do the certificates for the ACEO’s, which I’m a little excited to do since I purchased the new certificate cards. They’ve never been hard to do, but these new cards just make it a little more fun because it feels so official.

And now I have a whole bunch of new art to either put up on my website or eBay. Woo hoo!

So, because I was wrapping up all these projects, it feels like a finishing day rather than a creative day. But, just like the weather, the wheel must turn and old projects must be finished so new can begin.

Until next time, keep loving the journey.