The visit

My oldest son came home today for a short visit. Surprise!

I’d gone to the back of the house and was lost in thought when Merlin started barking. Since he barks at everything, I figured that one of my neighbors had come home (or was leaving) and making a lot of noise. But then Merlin’s bark changed and I came rushing out thinking someone had knocked on the door, only to see and hear someone coming through the door.

Yeah, Merlin was pretty happy to see him.

So was Kreeli.

We had a good time catching up before he had to head back home.

The surprise visit pushed other activities aside. Not that I was on track anyway. I was busy tinkering with the metadata of all the Loki books. I should have been packing ACEO’s as I’d been discussing on my blog yesterday. I also had quite a few words to get done. At the moment, I’m only down about 750 words before writing this blog and the Loki novella is going well, so I’m certain I’ll be done. Still, I should have been working on that rather than examining data and tinkering. When my brain gets side-tracked, it really goes sideways.

If I’d been focused, I would probably be done with words even with the visit from my son.

Oh well. They will get done. ACEO’s will get packed, just on another day. Paintings will be bagged and tagged later in the week. And finishing the two books of the trilogy will come tomorrow. It’s all good. Family first. (grin)

And now back to it.