Thinking about tandem projects

I’ve been fairly focused today even though I got up later than normal. I guess I needed the sleep.

My words got done. I even started thinking about about how I could write Loki/Fenrir stories in tandem with a novel. It’s possible, and even an exciting idea. Well, I think it’s exciting. I’m really thinking about giving it a shot.

When I looked at my numbers for last week, I spent nearly 40 hours working on the business side of my art (though that does include time for audio editing), plus I got 10,000 words in. It’s just kind of a shock to me that I spent that much time and also got that many words in. Usually, I spend about 14-20 hours per week on the business side of things. But, it’s been something I’ve been trying to work up to, like a weight-lifter slowly increasing weights. You don’t start at 50 lbs. one day and instantly lift 300 lbs. the next. I would certainly like to get to the point where I was hitting my extreme word goal on a regular basis, but I’m not there yet.

Once words were done for the day, I got to painting and completed two more ACEO’s. One was from the starts I did last week, but one was completely new.

After that, I got to editing audio. I’m down to the last chapter of the book I’m working on and the punch-ins.

While my dinner cooked – sausages and potatoes in the pressure cooker — I filled out the certificates for the ACEO’s. Now, I need to get a couple of boxes — one for listing items on my website or Etsy and one for items going onto eBay. That is if I can get Temmy to stay out of my boxes. She loves them so much!

I just had to not panic when I saw how many items I had to get listed. You saw all those items in the picture yesterday. I reminded myself that even if I do only 2-3 items a day, it would still go fairly fast. Those baby steps.

I also updated the progress bars for the projects I’m working on.

I’m going to head off now and start to look at possibilities for my next novel project. With luck, I’ll make my decision tonight and start getting caught up on what’s already done so I can start running with it.

Yeah, I think it would be very fun to work on two projects at once in a very focused manor.

Let’s do this.