Adding more daily tasks

I finished two more ACEO’s today. Which is good because I have to replace ACEO’s which sold.

I’ve been watching quite a few paintings and drawing tutorials lately. Drawing is really something else I need to start doing every day. My art teacher, the woman who changed my life, said that drawing for 15 minutes every day was better than spending 2-3 hours drawing once a week. I often think on these words and I’ve tried before to get that going, but it’s been one of those hard things to do. But since I’ve been getting several things rolling daily in my life, I think I can now add in sketching too.

And, in case you’re wondering, yes, I have priorities on some daily tasks so that if I really can’t get to it (because I’ve had something else that needed done during the day like shopping or a trip), I give myself a guilt-free skip day. It’s important to know what must be maintained and what can go a day without anguish. Writing is my must. Painting is my allowable. I suspect that drawing needs to be a must, especially since I’m letting the painting have a skip. Dishes and kitty litter cleaning, are daily musts, but still fall behind writing (grin). Priorities.

I did have to face resistance this morning when I went to writing. It felt a bit strange since I usually don’t have that issue. I put on some music and got to work. Then, another though much shorter wall when I went to painting. Fortunately, the ACEO’s I was working on today I had a starting point and it made it easy to get into the flow. I also got two more ACEO’s worked up well, but the paint needed to dry thoroughly and cure. Now, I have a starting point for tomorrow.

Until then, cheers.