Continued working on organizing to ship packages. I received another piece of that puzzle today and got it all setup.

Above are some of the new ACEO’s I’ve been painting recently. They still need to be varnished, which might happen next week when the temperature gets into the 50’s. The 50’s! Can you believe it? I would be excited, but it only lasts for a few days, enough to give us an Indian Summer, and then it will drop back down to the 20’s-30’s.

I’m ready to having my writing office back. Trying to do everything on this one desk is hard enough. I feel very closed in. Of course, it also needs a good cleaning and organization right now. I need to take the time to scan some papers in and then shred them. I keep thinking that should be part of this whole organizing I’m doing. It probably won’t be though. But it needs to.

I did get two more ACEO’s ready for shipping today. Still took me a little too long, but I had nothing really prepped for it. I think I need to put in some time ahead so all I have to do is grab the envelope and the card that needs shipped. Then, I just have to put the two together and put a mailing label on it. Done.

Then I’ll have to work something out for the larger paintings too. I’m really excited to be doing this again. It feels good to be shipping off work to a new home. I just need to be more efficient with it.

And, I need to be more efficient with listing it too, as I mentioned in an earlier blog post.

Well, I’m writing this post early in the day because I have plans for this evening and now I need to go get some writing done. Other things, as I mentioned yesterday, won’t get done today and I will have to be ready to hit them tomorrow. Yet, I still have those priority items which I need to get to. And so far today, focus has not been with me. I keep having squirrel brain, so I better go get that writing done. With luck, I’ll only get sidetracked one or two times. (grin)

Until next time, let’s send out thoughts of peace for our world. We are all riding on this tiny fragile little bubble and our time is short while we are here. Let’s not spend it trying to take from others.