Painting ACEO’s and more

Organizing: failed. Boy, was I bummed.

This morning, I learned that a city-wide power outage was planned for the late morning. I’m glad I heard about it, otherwise I would’ve been really irritated when I was working along and things went down. Unfortunately, it threw a wrench in my groove.

After the planned outage and everything came back up, I couldn’t get my printer to work. I had shipments that needed prepared to go out and I couldn’t get the printer to go. Argh! I finally got around that opportunity to find another way to get things to print.

And that was just the start. But I learned things.

I had to wrangle around a couple of items, but I think it will get better now. I just need to get it so a shipment takes me 10 minutes or less to prep. Yesterday, it took me 15 each, which I thought was pretty good. Today, yeah, even not counting printer issues, it still took me over an hour to do two items.

That just exhausted me mentally. I vegged in front of some tv for a while. Finally, I kicked myself and said that if I wanted to watch tv, the least I could do is paint while I watched. So, I painted. Had fun doing some ACEO’s as well as some abstract bookmarks and tiny “dollhouse” paintings.

Would you like to know where to find my ACEO’s and other paintings for sale? Try these links:

Until next time, cheers and happy thoughts!