Last day of February

How did we get here already? I can’t believe it’s the last day of February.

I am all out of sorts today. I’ve spent the day in my booth getting it rearranged and setup. Every time I added a new piece, it seemed to mess up what I’d already done. But, I think I got it sorted out. I recorded some test audio and have been trying to master it to get the tone I want. I’m just not getting there and it’s getting me a little (or a lot if you ask my pets) frustrated.

It doesn’t help that Kreeli has been stomping around all day. She wants to go outside so she can roll in something she found or stand and sniff the tree. Honestly, I think she’s just really uncomfortable and can’t sit still. Temmy is little Miss Curiosity and thinks she should be involved in everything.

This is probably just lack of sleep from staying up late last night to watch a movie. It might not have been the best idea, considering the cats demand that I’m up early.

I should have gotten my words in earlier today.

Yeah. So many mistakes.

All I want to do is be ready to start recording again with a sound I like. And get everything flowing.

And get Temmy out from beneath my desk all the time.

I wonder if any of it will start to come together.

And here we sit at the last day of February. I’m not ready for a new month. I need some more time in this month.

Yep, not going to get that either.

This adventure just keeps rolling whether I’m ready or not.

I hope your days are going well. Cheers.