Today tired Merlin out

I woke up this morning and got my words done for the day straight-away. I didn’t get enough done to get caught up for what I missed yesterday, but I did have other things that I needed to get done.

First thing on the list was getting my March 1st Patreon posts up. The new art coupon code and the March short story is now up should you decide that you want to get rewarded for supporting my art and/or writing.

I also tried to get books onto my older iPad which I use in the booth to read from. Ha! It hasn’t been syncing. I couldn’t force the books to go through. In fact, I deleted all the books I had one there in trying to force the sync.

Okay, well, there’s always more than one way to skin a cat. (Just a saying — no cat’s have been harmed in my creative endeavors. (grin)) So, I went another way to get my books and it worked. Apparently that was all that was needed to start the sync working. I’m not sure how downloading my books from a website would bring everything back in from icloud, but it did. Guess the iPad just needed to wake up. It is old and probably naps just as frequently as my father did (grin).

Anyway, I was pretty excited to have all that back, even though I duplicated the work I did today, downloading the books twice. I decided to jump in the booth and get a short story read. This way I could have a good chunk of audio recorded to play with as I reconstruct my mastering steps. Yep, still trying to get a sound I like that will require minimal effort to edit.

Merlin, in the picture above, thought the whole day was exhausting. Having his bed wasn’t enough. He had to have his pillow as well. His pink squeaky toy rests nearby.

He was sleeping on the job while I was correcting typos I found while recording the story and then re-uploading it to all the distributors.

You know, it’s really hard to get work done while all the pets are snoring around you. No one ever complained about that work-from-home issue! I don’t know about you, but it makes me sleepy when everyone else is snoring. It’s amazing I get anything done, or that I don’t take a nap every day.

Especially since Temmy comes into my room about 5 in the morning and demands to curl up under the covers with me. Up until a couple nights ago, she had to have her head out, but she always sleeps on the side to keep her eye on the upward side. Now, she will sleep fully under the blankets as long as I keep it from touching her face. We both “sleep” for a while cuddled up. I’m learning to sleep with her beside me. She blitzed through my room one night in January, started playing with my hair, and attacked when I drew away. Her claws caught my face near my eye. It left me with a black eye and a major scratch along the lower lid. It’s in the fold of the eye, so it’s hard to see the scar that’s there, but it bugs me almost every day. So, ever since then, I’ve been a bit nervous about her being anywhere near my face, especially if she starts playing with my hair. So, with this being the situation, a daily nap might be a good thing.

Well, I have a few more things to get done today. Tomorrow is a shopping day, so I won’t get a whole lot done. But, maybe if I’m lucky, they’ll have a book on audio engineering at the library. I just had the thought that I could look. I might find something wonderful. Wish me luck.