Today feels better

As I was writing my blog last night, I had an idea on the audio. I just had to give it a try. I’m pleased to report that it worked. There were a couple minor adjustments I needed to make, and a couple tweaks I made in the booth today. I recorded another short story today to test it all out and I am almost there.

So that put me in a better mood. Woo hoo.

I should also note that I still went to be “early” (meaning on time) last night even though I continued to tinker with the audio. I was proud of myself for shutting it down. I just need to do that more and be kind to myself.

When I got up this morning, I shipped two packages today for eBay auctions. I have two more to ship tomorrow. And I’ve now had two repeat purchases. So that’s very exciting.

Words got done. Oh, and I listed new ACEO’s on my website and Etsy.

Today, I feel like the knight vanquishing the evil king. However, I still have kitty litter to defeat, and I would really love to find a moment to sketch as I wrote about in a few blogs ago.


Until next time, cheers!