Speed bump

It was my son’s day off, so we decided to make a quick trip to the libraries and to stop at Hobby Lobby (gee, I don’t possibly know why I’d need to go there – grin!)

After I got my eBay shipments ready, we headed out. Picked up a few movies, more than we could possibly watch in one day, and ordered the Batman pizza from Little Ceasars. It was going to be awhile before we could pick it up, so we drove around a couple subdivisions to look at houses.

While going through on, we came across the scene above. In case you can’t read it, it says, “Caution Speed Bump.” Then, in the middle of the road there was this huge tumbleweed. Having grown up in sagebrush desert and still living with plenty of sagebrush around me, and having run through quite a few in my time especially when the wind is blowing, I found this hilarious and had to take a picture. Someone from New York is probably thinking, “That’s like $2,000 lying in the road.” Google “tumbleweed chandelier” if you want to see what I mean. Yeah, trust me, there’s more of those where that came from.

The pizza was very good. Too filling. I used my Cubii the whole time we watched movies so I could work off some of the calories. But that was our late lunch/early dinner and I’m still plenty full. Plus, we still have some pizza left over. I loved it because it was buttery and cheesy. I’ve never had their calzones before, but I might have to try one now to see how it compares.

Speaking of strange food, last night I saw a commercial for Coca-Cola with coffee. What? Did we really need that? Now I have to buy a can just to have one sip. I must prove to myself that it’s as awful as I imagine it to be.

Tomorrow I have movies (documentaries actually) to start to watch while I paint. I have one on Vincent Van Gogh, ancient Egypt, modern Greece, and something else that really interesting at the time when I picked it up but I can’t remember now. I could go look, but honestly I’d probably get sidetracked and forget to finish my blog.

I did also sort through my paintings in my show box today. I had to find out what I had on my website, what was on Etsy, what was one both, and what still needed to be listed. One of the reasons we stopped at Hobby Lobby today, other than for me to get more canvases, was so I could get some stickers to mark my paintings so that when I take a SOLD picture of the back of them at shows, I know where I need to take them down from rather than spending a lot of time searching for them. Plus, when I start throwing paintings around and letting them get in a disarray (grin), I’ll know what the deal is with them with a glance. I hate not knowing if I’ve listed something or not. Now I just have to mark them up. I put a lot of them in a box for listing on eBay today, but that’s okay. Part of starting up the auctions again was to get me painting more.

Today was definitely a speed bump to the momentum I had going yesterday, but sometimes you need to step off the well-worn path and slow down a bit. Tomorrow is another day and I’ll be back at it.

Until then, cheers!