Van Gogh documentary

I watched a documentary on Vincent Van Gogh today. At first, I was wondering if the production company had done anything at all. It was pictures and short videos which looked like stock video. They had a voice over reading letters from Vincent to (mostly) his brother, Theo. Along the way, I found myself agreeing with a lot that Vincent said.

Is it bad that I so related to Vincent?

Well, except for his visits to the brothel… for research purposes. (grin) Yeah, I’ve never done that.

As for the video, I was busy painting so I wasn’t watching much. From what I did lift my head up to see, I don’t think I missed much. I probably just needed to hear Vincent’s words and realize that the struggle goes through many artists.

Or maybe I’m a reincarnation who can’t throw off the shackles of that artist life.

I also finished editing the audio for Tree of Death today. I’m still not happy with the sound and I will continue tinkering on future recordings.

At least Van Gogh was only obsessed with painting. Lucky man. He had time to visit brothels.