Is Loki ever going to end?

I woke up today knowing that I had a lot of words to get done today to finish out this week, but I started out my day getting the remaining paintings listed on my website or Etsy. There were only a few that hadn’t been done or that I didn’t pull out a couple of days ago to list on eBay. The latter still has yet to be done.

Then I got to work on the 9th Loki novella. I figured I’d be starting to wrap it up, but the story keeps going. At this point, it might move from being a novella to a short novel. It feels like it’s never going to end. Okay, I know that’s not the case, not really. It just wanted to have another good turn. That means I’ll have to go back and deepen part of it earlier, but that’s great. I like going deeper.

So, at this moment, I still haven’t finished the Loki novella. It will end, but I doubt today will be the day.

Granted, since I still have several hundred words to go, so I’m going to go work on it. Maybe tomorrow it will end. Nah, even if I’m still writing after midnight, it still isn’t going to get done in the amount of words I have to write. So, most likely it won’t be done before I sleep.