4 books, 3 packages

I feel sorry for my postal carrier. He’s probably wondering what is going on.

Actually, he knows — he’s seen me outside writing and painting and he’s related to one of the people who runs a show that I go to.

Besides, today wasn’t our normal carrier, so he’s the one I felt sorry for today. He had to bring me 5 packages. 4 of those were books sent from Amazon. I really think the programmer who configured their shipping program really hates them and decided to make shipping of author copies as ridiculous as possible. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for why they would ship 13 books in 8 packages. Seriously! That can not be economically feasible. I keep trying to tell them, but they tell me that their computer tells them how to package things. Therefore, it’s got to be the programmer!

Oh, well. At least I got copies of the book that needs to go out the door tomorrow. I just couldn’t make it to the Post Office in time today when I got the books, so I decided to save my time and not try. Tomorrow is fine.


But the postal carrier today had to pick up three more packages going out. Tomorrow he’ll have two more. And I’m getting my shipping time down even further. I’m getting used to the process. So that’s good.

I’ve also listed paintings on eBay, painted, and tinkered with the audio. Writing hasn’t gotten done today, so I think I best be off to get some done. I don’t like getting to Sunday and having so many words to get finished. I was right though. Loki didn’t get finished last night. Yeah, I’m suspicious that this is going to be the longest Loki novella yet. So far, For More Mischief, Call Loki is the longest section of the story, but I didn’t call that a short novel as it was really part of the story arc so I didn’t feel it counted. 1-800-IceBaby is the next longest and I’m about to blow by its word count. The mystery hasn’t even been solved yet.

I am starting to have inklings about what the 10th Loki book will be about too. But, I’m going to work on another book, something with romance in it. It should be fun.

Time to quit thinking about it and go get to it.