First impressions

I started a new Fenrir story last night. When I was working on it today, I started to wonder if it’s actually part of the 11th Loki novella.

Which is kind of cool because it’s my 11th Fenrir’s Tales short story. Of course, on Vella it will be listed as the 10th story because I held #10 back. Right now, only Patreon supporters at the Loki Love tier can read it.

Granted, I have to finish this story first. It might totally go off the rails as I progress. At the moment, however, this is my first impression of the story.

Then I painted. The picture above is a part of the painting. I took several progression photos and was thinking that it might be kind of fun to put together a short video of the photos. We’ll see what happens. I think I still need to do another highlight layer before it’s really finished, so I will be taking more photos.

Time to wrap it up for the night.