Tinkering on audio

Finished up the Fenrir story this morning. This one was short, especially compared to the last two that I did. And, I do suspect it has something to do with the 11th Loki novella.

So why not the next Loki novella?

Good question. But in the next novella, I have an idea of what I want to do and I suspect that I’ll be setting up the 11th novella in that 10th one. So, it’s got to wait.

Also finished two more ACEO’s today. One of them is just beautiful. It’s a winter scene. Considering that I really don’t like the cold and snow, that says something about this card. I’m sure there will be more to come later.

I also got the audiobook covers done for the two that I’ve been working on. I hope to start uploading one of them tonight, but we’ll see how far I get considering how late it is already and other things I need to get done. Right now, I’m waiting for another test run of the current audio file to finish mixing down to a new track for me so I can listen through it. I’ve thrown out several tracks today and have kept tinkering. Tinker, tinker. That’s all I seem to be doing. Tinkering until I frustrate myself.

I will get there. I will win.

Then I’ll probably throw another wrench in it all and have to start all over again.

I got my copies of Palladium today. Oh, the covers are beautiful. Sorry, I didn’t take a picture though. I just didn’t have the energy. Maybe tomorrow. Instead, I’ll put up the header picture I worked up some time ago. Don’t forget that you can read it for free with Kindle Unlimited, but that time is growing short. Even though it is listed as the third book in the Onesong series, you don’t need to have read the other two. It is a stand-alone.

Well, it looks like the track is done, so I’m going to go listen to it. Wish me luck.