Spring, where are you?

Every time I think I get close to being able to open up my office after the coldest parts of winter, along marches in some more days of temperatures down in the 10’s-20’s.

I remind myself that we are two weeks away from spring. My tulips are showing their silly little heads — I wish they’d learn to stay down a little longer. And, I’m seeing buds on the trees. I can see spring’s approach. I can feel it in the shift of the daylight. I sense it in the day’s stretch.

But it still feels like such a tease. Here you go, some 50 degree weather. Ah, that’s nice, isn’t it? Oh, here! Snow! High’s of 18 degrees. Ha! And you thought it was going to be warm.

You’d think that Loki was in charge of the weather. Some days, I think he is, especially this time of year.

I tell myself to have patience. I just want my office! I want to not have everything crammed onto one desk. Yes, I’m starting to go a little crazy and I’m not writing because I see the sunlight and it’s making me think of warm weather, which is making me want my office where I write. And I’m out at this desk which is where I do all my business stuff and I only want to do business stuff because I’m sitting here with the beautiful sunlight coming through the windows.

What I am not looking forward to is Temmy’s curiosity in my office. She already tries to break in every day. The few time’s she’s gotten in and discovered there’s another room she hasn’t explored, she gets more ambitious about exploring it. It’s not going to be fun those first few days. But, I will deal with it if it means I can be in my office.

For now, I must remain where I am for a couple more days and see how the extended forecast looks. Hopefully we’re out of the tease.