Why didn’t I set my alarms?

I was tired last night and went to be extra early. I’d been hoping to get a few more pages read than normal, and I did, but not without having to re-read several paragraphs. As I was setting my sleep apps, I told myself to set the alarms like I always do, but I was so certain that I’d wake up easily when the pets came to get me in the morning.

Well, no pets came early. I slept in.

I overslept, and I woke up with a bad headache (as I always do when I get too much sleep. Didn’t I try to tell myself?)

This one was bad enough to make me take two Advil Migraine pills. I generally only take one if I have to. I knew this one was not going to even dull with one.

My son and I drove to town for shopping (I wasn’t going to get anything else done, so why not?). We took a walk along the canyon first. It was good to get out since the day was going to be fairly warm. I didn’t even wear a jacket, though along the canyon with the breeze I was wishing that I had one. I called the right point to turn around. My head was pounding again by the time we got back to the car. So glad Kevin was driving. Actually, with the headache, I was trying to not watch the road, so I got a really good look at the canyon as we drove across the bridge. Oh my, how the town has grown up along the canyon. In the morning light, it was beautiful. It kind of made glad that I had a headache and could look down the length of the canyon. Usually I’m driving and so I don’t get that pleasure.

We did our running around and headed home where we cooked a pizza and sat down to watch a movie. I was getting tired about halfway through so we stopped. Kevin went to take a nap while I went out and raked up all the leaves and pine needles I put over the flower beds last year to protect my herbs, yarrow, and tulips. With the tulips coming up, it’s time to take those off. In year’s past, it’s been May before I’ve gotten around to this and the tulips are usually long dead. This year, I’d like to keep the tulips alive for a bit longer. I can tell that this year I’m going to have to separate out some of the bulbs. I did that about five years ago, taking them from around my huge maple tree and putting some along the house. The next year, I had this beautiful row of single tulips along the house. But this year, I’m going to have clusters to tulips again. It looks like my yarrow and at least one of my lavender plants survived the winter, as did my English Thyme.

Since Kevin was sleeping when I got in, I decided to sit down and work on Loki. My head was still hurting a bit, but I still felt like I could write. Painting was out of the question, especially after my time out in the sun doing yardwork.

I’m in the last stretch of the Loki novella. I’m hoping I didn’t rush it too much. I’ll probably re-read a couple chapters to make sure everything lines out well, then give it a couple days in case the creative voice wants to throw more out there. Sometimes it does after it’s had a moment to reflect.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be back to rainy, so it’ll be a good day to be indoors finishing up the Loki story. Then it’ll be onward to another novel. As well as a batch of Fenrir stories.

Before I know it, I’ll be out weeding my garden again.

Until then, cheers!