A Loki Adventure #9 is done

I went to bed early again last night, but this time I set my alarms. With the time change, I knew that it would be really bad if I didn’t.

Temmy still woke me up several minutes before the alarms went off (of course). When I finally looked at my clock to see what time it was, it was one minute before the alarms. Close enough. I was feeling pretty good when I got up and took care of all the pets. Then, after my coffee was made, I sat down to finish the 9th Loki novella. Yes, it’s done. At least the first draft.

It did come in just slightly longer than For More Mischief, Call Loki, but not by much.

Now I’m off to the next book. It’s a novel I started a couple years ago and got about 40,000 words in before I really needed to re-read the whole thing in order to continue. I’d lost track of what had happened. But, after reading the beginning and reworking the manuscript a bit, I just don’t know if it’s something I want to do. That might just be my critical voice trying to stop me. After all, my creative voice had stopped playing with the story, so my critical voice took that as a temporary win. I think I just need to refresh myself, remember where I was and what thoughts I had going on with the story and all will be fine. After all, it’s about 2/3’s of the way done. Why stop now?

Because the weather is warming up and doesn’t look like it will get unbearably cold in the near future, I went ahead and opened up my office. I’m letting it air out and warm up now and I’m hoping to get in there tomorrow. I’ll have to do some cleaning, but it’s really not too bad. Temmy wasn’t as curious as I thought she would be, though she has tried to break in a couple times today. It was obvious that she’d been in there a few times without me knowing, or longer than I thought from all the things that were knocked over or pushed aside. I straightened most of that up today. I’m sure I’ll discover more. And she’s going to be a hurricane tomorrow when I go in there to write, I’m certain. We shall see.

Until then, happy adventuring!