Amaryllis and speed bumps

So it was back to the office today. Temmy was a little more curious today. I had to put up a barrier because she was obnoxious and I needed a moment to work without her trying to climb on everything. She was extremely smug when she found her way around that anyway.

But, I did get writing done. Then it was onto painting (which you can see part of a painting I started above) and then audio. I’m trying to ignore the wind blowing outside and I keep thinking that maybe I’ll spend some time in my booth this evening. That is the surefire way to make sure that the wind stops (and I won’t know it because it’s quiet in my booth).

It was great to see that my amaryllis is coming back again this year. I saw just a nub of its leaves two days ago when I watered it after opening up my office. I wonder if she will bloom this year. I hope so.

Also, I forgot to show that the speed bump my son encountered while driving around a couple of weeks ago followed us home. Or at least half of it. Or maybe its baby brother.

Well, that was good for a laugh.