Temmy’s not good, very bad day

Let me start by saying that she is fine and back to being happy. Although, she did take a deep nap this evening and snored awfully loudly. I thought it was one of the dogs snoring. She is currently sitting on my lap purring while I’m writing this.

But it wasn’t a good day for her.

Kevin and I had to run out today to return library items and do a little shopping. I had opened the curtains and blinds in my office this morning, but I didn’t have any time to get in and write before I left.

Knowing Temmy still tries to get in and explore my office when I’m not looking, I put the barriers back up in front of the door. There is no official door for it, so usually it’s just a big piece of cardboard which bars the way. Spiffy, right? The other cats and the dog know that if it’s up, they are not allowed inside. Which is pretty much any time I’m not in there. I have a lot of breakable things in there, especially on my desk. To keep everyone happy, it’s just best if no pets are in there when I’m not.

Of course, Temmy still thinks it’s her duty to break and enter. She has exploring to do.

Knowing this, I put up a huge canvas as well to keep her from jumping over the cardboard, and a folding footstool for weight because she will knock things aside. Since opening my office back up, this setup has been keeping her out.

You can guess that it failed today.

When we got home, I unlocked the door and looked for Temmy. She was where I expected her to be, on her condo sleeping. As soon as she saw me, she stood up.

I thought she was stretching after her nap as usual and continued carrying stuff into the kitchen.

Kevin came in a little behind me and said hi to Temmy. Then he called out, “Um, Mom!”

I returned to see Temmy still standing on her condo arching her back. She had the bug board on her belly. I keep one in my office window because those stupid boxelder bugs are already active.


You could see it written on her face.

I thought I was going to have to shave it off her, but I could tell she wasn’t going to wait. It only had fur, no skin, so I peeled it away fast. It didn’t take off much fur, but that left her with a lot of glue still on her fur. I didn’t dare leave her to clean that off herself. So I grabbed the small clippers for Kreeli’s face and feet, but they didn’t have enough power to cut beneath the glue. I grabbed the big trimmers for Kreeli’s fur, but the noise scared Temmy horribly.

I’d totally forgotten that she hadn’t heard or seen those trimmers being used since we got Temmy.

Now, just last week, I got to see Temmy scared for the first time. I mean, total defensive spitting kitten type scared. It had happened when she was chasing after Bella and Merlin thought that Bella was being the trouble maker. Merlin doesn’t like cats fighting. If he hears any cats outside having a row, he demands that I go out and stop it. So, when he thought Bella was going to start a massive fight in the house, Merlin went to Temmy’s defense. Only Temmy didn’t know it. She thought Merlin was coming for her. She instinctively arched her back, hair went up and her slim tail went suddenly puffy. You could see the look on her face then like, “What the heck just happened? I hulked out! Make it stop. This isn’t going away. What if I’m stuck like the Hulk forever?”

That was the cat we had once again today. Hulked out.

Then I realized it was the trimmers. I tried to let her see that they wouldn’t hurt her and she batted at them several times, jumping away each time just in case they came to life to get her. Trimmers were out. She was already scared from having the glue board stuck to her.

But we had to get the glue off.

I’d been told when we got her that she really liked water. We haven’t really tested that theory.

Until today.

At first, she didn’t like having the bath/shower. But when I got her soaped up with Kreeli’s shampoo, she calmed down a little. It actually took two showers to get the glue off. Then she sat in front of the heater most of the day to dry off. It honestly was a warm day and I didn’t want to run the heater, but Temmy kept sitting there and glaring at it when I had it off. She knows warm air comes out and was happy when I turned it on for her.

I went into my office. She finally came in there looking for me, but approached with caution. I certainly hope this has tempered (yes, this is why we named her Temperance) her some. She has chased around one of her jangle balls today and played with her tower, but she really hasn’t been on the condo or nearly as hyper as she usually is. She’s very subdued today.

I figure that will last until tomorrow.

If we’re lucky.

(Well, as I’m finishing this up, she’s definitely getting more spunky, so we might have only had a few hours of calm Temmy.)

I’m really amazed that she didn’t break anything in my office. There was some stuff by the door knocked over, but I really think that was from her break-in attempt. I think once the board was stuck to her, she made like a juggernaut out of the office and to her condo where she waited for help.

So she really didn’t have a good day.

It hasn’t stopped her from being curious.

And tonight when we cuddle up to sleep, she really will know that I’m there to protect her and help her. They do know. Plus, I’ll have the bonus of petting her fur that is now super soft from being shampooed twice.

Until next time, Temmy says don’t let life get you stuck. Adventure on.