Out visiting

I headed out to a local craft show today. It feels really strange to be on the buying side of the table rather than the selling.

I got to talk with some friends who were there vending. I probably should have stayed longer, but social anxiety kicked in and I had to get out. If it had been earlier in the day, probably would have gone back in after I’d had a moment to recompose myself. I tell you, COVID did not do me any favors. Not yet at least. I do see the opportunity to retrain myself completely and work at being less shy. I just am not good at putting myself out in social situations. Unless I have my own little space in the world and all I have to do is stand there and share my enthusiasm with the world (that’s me vending – grin!).

As for Temmy, her lesson yesterday didn’t stay stuck in her mind. She’s broken into my office twice today. First thing this morning and just a few minutes ago. So far, she has avoided the window where the bug board is — I set a new one out. Instead, she’s enjoying sitting in my chair. I did find her up on my desk once when I stepped out for a break and came back. And, she did spend time in there while I was there writing today. But, she’d much rather be in there exploring alone. I think I’m going to have to do something more permanent for a door. I’ve often thought about a half-door, but I don’t think that would work well with Temmy either. For a little cat, half-blind and with poor depth perception, she sure can jump and sprint. She chases after her jangle balls like a soccer pro.

I did get caught up on my Patreon, so that was good. I was only a couple days behind, but I didn’t like that. Again, I know me. If I fall a few days behind, then I’ll fall a week behind, then a month. I have to stay consistent. So, I got myself caught up. I was kind of surprised at home much I’ve done there. There’s a lot of things that no one has ever seen. Not to mention all 12 stories in Fenrir’s Tales (only 10 of them are available on Amazon Vella).

Other than that, it has been a lazy day that I’ve been resisting. It’s time I just give up for the day and reset tomorrow.

Until then, cheers.