Guesses, anyone?

I’m starting to feel like I’m the one in this house that never gets any sleep. Everyone is snoring right now.

It’s Wednesday and I didn’t want to think about business today. I started out writing and all was good, but my brain got very “Squirrel!” on me. Plus, I was listening to writing workshop videos and it got me to thinking about some of my numbers. That of course sent me to look up the information. Then I got stuck updating some Excel spreadsheets. Well, you know how it goes after that.

At least now I have a number in a my head. A very important number for reaching a significant goal. Granted, part of it is crystal ball work, but even running the scenario a couple different ways, I came in about the same answer, so I think it’s probably pretty close. In some ways, it’s a little depressing because that goal seems so far away. But, it’s still better than trying to control things I have no control over.

Like how long people sleep. Now pets are awake and wanting my attention for various things. That was certainly short lived.