Overstretching tonight

There are still not enough hours in the day. I swear that I really need to move to a 36 hour work day or something.

Granted, I did take a nap today, so I’m feeling pretty lucky there.

I did my writing this morning in sprints of 15 minutes. I’m not sure I could have focused otherwise. 15 minutes, then a few for my brain to go off on other tangents or play with the pets, and then back to the keyboard again. I thought I’d give it a try. I had also hoped to get another longer writing session in tonight, but I’m not sure I’ll make it.

At least I finished my Fenrir story today. I’ll post it to Patreon tomorrow.

Right before dinner tonight, my brain started thinking, “So, Kickstarter, huh?” A few days ago I set up the start of a Kickstarter campaign for my trilogy. I’ve been working on it all night, but I’m so afraid to go any further. It’s fear of failure and I know it.

So, I’m letting it sit for another day.

I’ll see how it looks tomorrow.

Unfortunately, the brain that was so squirrel yesterday and this morning was very focused on doing that project this evening and now I have all my tasks still to get done.

Well, nothing will get done if I keep sitting here staring at the screen, so I guess I best go get to it. Tomorrow is another day.