Lotus thoughts

I worked on that blog which didn’t get posted last night some more, but I still can’t post it.

It’s just not done percolating inside me I guess. I keep getting more and more information from it. It was a little like an earthquake and I’m still experiencing the aftershocks.

Self-discovery is a lot like peeling an onion. One layer is pulled off to expose another. Sometimes that’s raw. I think that’s where I’m at.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking as well as writing today. I’ve been taking in information. And I’ve been trying to hold onto a feeling of calm. I feel really anxious though.

Even my oracle cards today told me to “Let it go!” Literally, that was the card that came up for me. What I am feeling is definitely rippling out into the universe. I’m probably trying to hard and thinking too much.


Be like the lotus.

I did go for a walk around the neighborhood today. The weather was perfect for it. I’m sure it’ll get cold again, but today was nice. I got out and enjoyed it.

I want to go get some more writing done tonight. I think that my high functioning level today might have worn out my critical voice. That’s always a great time to let the creative voice play.