Wisdom to remain silent

I am not going to release that long blog I started working on a couple days ago. I might post it for myself personally, something I can reflect back on in a few years, but no one else needs to see it. I should probably even continue working on some of it because it was far from finished. I needed to write it for myself, to help assist that strange energy to move through me. I woke this morning done with that energy. Save for the part I still long to write, which I believe will further cement the new energies in.

I thought I might be able to summarize it here, but I don’t think I can do that after all.

That’s okay. The people who most needed to see those words would never read it anyway, and if they did, they wouldn’t understand the advise. Not with where they are now on their path. It is wisdom to remain silent.

I hope I can quickly work through the heartbreak that brings to me. I have a feeling that the emotions I wish to feel lie on the other side of this, if I don’t accidentally fall backwards. I suspect I’ve done that too many times too, which is why I remained on that uncomfortable plateau where I was for so long. I am definitely ready to move onward.

Sorry for me being so vague. I wish I could say more, but again, that would only move me backwards right now.

I am halfway through a story I’m writing for an anthology submission which is coming up soon. I do want to have the story finished by then. I discovered the ending while I was washing dishes tonight and thinking about my character in the scene I was currently writing. All the dots fell into place. That should allow me to finish the story tomorrow. It started off as something I wasn’t certain what to write about so I went to sleep thinking about it. I woke the next morning dreaming about a couple ideas. I went with the one that I woke up to, since it was the one I remember the best. I wish I had written down the other, but it’s gone. I have a feeling that my mind was flipping through ideas and trying to settle in on some favorites.

Until next time, keep adventuring.