Getting words done early

I’m nearly finished with writing the story for the anthology call. I’ll be able to send it out soon. Of course, I have no idea if it’ll be accepted or not, but if it’s not, I might try some mystery magazines. If they don’t want it either, then I’ll publish it myself and I’ll be perfectly happy about doing that. I mean, that’s where it will end up one way or another eventually.

I’m quite surprised by this piece. Yes, there is some magic, but it’s all human characters, on Earth, and in our modern world. I keep asking myself what spacecraft I fell off of to be writing this story. And enjoying it. (I always strive to have fun and entertain myself first, but that’s why I end up with stories on other worlds — I don’t find Earth very entertaining.)

Tomorrow, I plan on starting a new Fenrir story. I’d like to get caught up, or even ahead. I certainly want to be ahead on words. Since I have a show this weekend (Jerome Music Boosters Spring Craft Show), I want to have a majority of words done before then and preferably before Wednesday (because we all know where my mind goes on Wednesdays, plus I have additional appointments and to-do’s scheduled for this Wednesday). Thursday and Friday might not be a total loss for getting words done, but I don’t want to count on them in case I have things to do for the show, and I certainly don’t want to leave a bunch of words to get done on Sunday when I’m exhausted from the show and knowing that I need to get bookkeeping done. This is good practice for changing my schedule around so maybe I can free up my weekends. Plus, next week I’ll have to also get those words done early for Gem State Comic Con’s show. Oh, yeah. Here we go into show season.

I’m off now to hopefully go finish up with the story. I’d like to get it sent out in the next couple of days. Before the deadline would be very cool! I think some people who know me might faint from that thought. (grin)