Lining up stories and art

My story got sent in to the anthology today — two days before it was due. Now we’ll see what happens. I also started finishing up a couple other stories which have been held back by me not knowing what to do with them. It’s time I find out.

There are some covers that need to be designed for a couple additional upcoming projects. These are short stories that are currently listed as stretch goals for the Kickstarter I plan on starting for my trilogy very soon. Soon as in either this week or next week. I still have a couple more things to do before I press the button. If the stretch goals aren’t reached, then they will be ready to go out to distribution even sooner.

I also scheduled more listing for eBay. This is the one that went up today:

I have another auction currently running where the winning bidder never paid, so I put it back up for auction. His loss is someone else’s gain. Here’s a look at the ACEO:

If abstract artwork is more your thing, I do have several abstract pieces up on eBay as well. These are all larger than the ACEO sizes — I believe the are all on 4″x6″ canvases. Some of the descriptions on the auctions I actually talk about the creation process. My piece, Spewage, is one of those. I won’t talk about it here, for my thoughts have already be written in the listing, but here’s a picture of it:

Now you see why it’s called Spewage.

Well, I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. It’s going to be an early bedtime tonight too. On to the adventures that tomorrow will bring.

Until next time, enjoy the journey!