Walk along the canyon

It was indeed a full day today, just not as I’d planned it.

The first change of the day was an injection into my shoulder for pain. In a couple days, I’ll continue my exercises which have been helping. I’d like to get strength back into the shoulder. It’s scary to feel yourself getting older and losing strength. Yep.

Then Kevin and I went out to the canyon to film some video for the Kickstarter. I have a lot to piece together. I couldn’t stop laughing. While I can stand hearing my own voice, I can’t stand being on video or seeing myself on video. Strange, huh? So, this is hard. I hope I can come up with something.

On the way back, I saw this rock and had to get a picture.

Those are lava rocks and I suspect the curved areas are from air bubbles trapped within the hot lava. This little guy was there too:

Other than me taking some pictures of him, I didn’t want to disturb him too much, so we moved on. As we made our way back to the car, I just kept looking at all the lava rock and the bubbles. Many of them had to be splatter bombs. Of course, I’m no expert, but it sure was working my imagination about when this area had lots of volcanic activity.

Afterwards, we went to storage to pack for the show this weekend. Well, Kevin packed. I stood around and was a leaning post most of the time. With the injection, I’m supposed to baby my shoulder for a couple of days and not move it much.

Then we finished some shopping that Kevin hadn’t gotten to while I was at my wellness visit. After that we came home, had lunch, and both went to take a nap. I was almost an hour into mine when Merlin barked at the mailman bringing the Pupperoni. You’d think Merlin would have more respect than that. Yanked me out a deep sleep he did. One where Temmy knew I hadn’t been feeling all the well and had kneaded my belly until I fell asleep. Aw, what a sweet kitty trying to make me feel all better.

After that, I went to write, though it took me awhile to get focused. I probably would’ve been better off trying to get something else done.

I’ve been told that my shoulder will probably get painful when the anesthetic wears off, but so far pain hasn’t been too bad. Mostly when I stand and gravity takes effect on the joint.

I did make tea for myself today and I haven’t had any coffee. That fact alone would tell most people that I’m not doing well. (grin) I just chalk it up to being off my regularly scheduled programming.

Tomorrow, it’ll be back to it.