My first show of the season

First show of the season is now done. Woo hoo!

Here’s the booth:

Jerome Music Boosters Spring Craft Show

And books!

I’m tired. So glad I had my son and his girlfriend to help. I have really good kids and they both picked well.

Anyway, I joked on Facebook today that I had put out a family portrait. That’s the picture you see above with the Sacred Knight series, the two companion stories, and then the Onesong stories. It still feels strange and good to have them all out now. And I’ve had people say that they wished there were more stories.

Well, there’s more, just probably not with these characters. I will have more on this, probably tomorrow unless something earthshattering happens. I probably won’t have anything major happen tomorrow. I plan on some bookkeeping and writing, maybe vegging out to a movie. I may also kick back and read for a bit. I need to relax more.

It was very good to get out and visit with friends. I met some new vendors, including another author – woo hoo! And, I’m trying to be better. The gentleman next to me, a very kind man selling some homemade essential oil lotions, told me that I had a nice aura. I love it!

I met someone else who was telling me about an alien encounter they had about the same time that my son and I saw strange orange lights in the sky. It’s not far from where I live either. Yes, I am a believer. To think that Earth is the only planet with life on it is absurd. It only takes one look at our own planet to see how abundant life is in its many forms to realize that in the whole universe we cannot possibly be it. We are one speck of a solar system inside a much larger galaxy, which is only one galaxy among an estimated 2 trillion galaxies which will have any number of solar systems within them. Seriously, our minds cannot comprehend the distance from our planet to Pluto accurately, let alone what it would actually take to leave our solar system. We can’t fathom the depths of the universe. But just because we aren’t there yet with our understanding and technology, doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t. I do, however, believe we are alone for a reason. I’m pretty certain that we aren’t going to be invited back until we can learn to quit fighting amongst ourselves. One only has to look at recent history to know that we have a long, long way to go. It’s sad. I wish I could shake some people until they realize that we have only this little bubble called Earth. There isn’t anywhere else for us right now. It’s time to stop causing problems for each other and to start finding solutions for everyone.

Enough said there. I’m too tired to go any deeper.

Well, it might be time to go sleep now.

Peace be with you!