Who needs sleep?

Temmy wanted to cuddle early this morning — about 4:30, which was fine, I suppose. But then she stretched and put her paw in my face. I don’t like paws to the face and I haven’t been able to break her of this habit yet. She has one claw that is really long and sharp right now. So, when I was half awake and it grazed across my lip, I was instantly awake.

Thanks to the shot of adrenaline, I was awake for hours. I did some reading and some journaling. My brain wanted to work on a puzzle, so it did. You know, just trying to figure out life, metaphysics, and quantum physics. That’s all.

Just as I was starting to fall back to sleep, then all the pets wanted me to get up, feed them, taken them out, etc. Every time I thought I could go back to sleep, some pet showed up. Even Kreeli, who usually likes to sleep in until about 10 (which drives Merlin nuts because he wants to be fed by 8:30 in the morning. I make him wait or else he acts like Kreeli is somehow getting an extra feeding if I feed him at 8:30 and her at 10. So, to avoid him looking at me like I’ve betrayed him, I make him wait until she’s up. Well, she was up twice by 8:30 this morning.) Kevin told me that she’d been up and down all night, and he even gave the cats a middle-of-the-night feeding. No one should have been bugging me this morning.

Yeah, someone should have told the pets that.

When I did manage to get back to sleep, I had horrific dreams that kept cycling to wake me up out of sleep. I mean seriously, I came out of one wondering why the heck I wasn’t having a heart attack because of the stupid dream. When Kreeli stomped in my room again, I decided it was just best to get up rather than having those visions.

So, it’s been a strange day since then. I haven’t even gotten to writing yet, but I certainly have found several different ways of being distracted.

We had tamales I bought at the vendor show yesterday. OMG, they were sooooo good. I love homemade tamales. Kevin went out to get us some fresh salsa to go with them. Is it tomorrow yet so I can have some more tamales?

It’s time to go see if I can make something of the day.

Until next time, cheers.